By Margaret:  Earlier in the month several Members (and one dog) went for a guided walk round Mottram on a very wet day followed by much needed coffee and lunch.  Their guide, Roy Howerty, kept much drier when he attended the last meeting of Glossopdale Women’s Institute to talk about British monarchy over the centuries.  Roy explained that he was inspired to write this talk after the opprobrium poured on the royal family after the death of Princess Diana.  He explained how seven Saxon kingdoms were eventually united under the one crown and the varying dynasties that have followed down the centuries to our present Windsors.

But those dynasties have not been always been peaceful as Roy outlined the very unpleasant deaths suffered by many earlier kings, of which poisoning was probably one of the least horrendous – red hot pokers in indiscreet places had the advantage that the physical damage was not so obvious.  War, of course, had its own victims.  Deaths gradually became less dramatic as Roy Howerty progressed to the morality of previous monarchs.  Bastards were common, some recognised, some not.  Homosexuality was far from unknown and the treatment of spouses often left much to be desired.

All in all, he concluded, whatever aberrations there may have been in the current royal family were minor indeed compared with the activities over the centuries, positively ‘pussy cats’ to use Roy’s descriptive phrase.

The next meeting of Glossopdale WI will be at 9.30am at the Labour Club on Wednesday 20th April, when all ladies are welcome to join us.