The Glossopdale WI meets regularly on the third Wednesday of the month at 9:30am, usually finishing at 12:00, in the Glossop Labour Club, Chapel Street, Glossop, Derbyshire, SK13 8AT. Following the meeting, members often meet for lunch at a local eatery. Guests are welcome for 3 meetings, after which time they will need to register as a member to attend. To join, come along to the meeting and speak to us.

The annual subscription for 2012 is £31.50. Included in your membership is a national magazine, “WI Life”, and a Derbyshire County newsletter, “The Link”. There is also a Derbyshire WI website.  The monthly meeting usually has a guest speaker. Topics cover a wide range of fields including craft, local interest and charitable causes.  There is a business agenda where activities are discussed. Of course there are tea, coffee and biscuits; a small charge applies.

There are several local evening events a year with other WIs in the Pennine Group.  The WI’s own Denman College in Oxfordshire provides a variety of residential courses for those fancying a few days away.  Quizzes and day courses are organised within Derbyshire.

Check out our Home and Calendar pages for current information on trips, visits, and events.  Is this enough? If not, Glossopdale WI welcomes new ideas and likes to think of itself as progressive as well as being firmly rooted in WI traditions.