By Margaret:  A touch of glamour invaded the last meeting of Glossopdale Womens’ Institute when Catherine Jones came to talk to Members about the importance of colour in enhancing the appearance of women.   And looking good leads to a boost in morale and overall well-being.   She identified six basic combinations of hair colour and skin tone which encompass the vast majority of  women in this country.  She selected examples of four out of the six types from among Members present – but sadly could not find any natural blondes among  them!  She then demonstrated by means of swatches of coloured fabric how some colours brought out the best of their facial tones and how others had a negative effect.

Ideally every woman should have an individual consultation to fine tune the basic groups for each individual, but obviously that was beyond the scope – and cost – of a morning meeting.   Members enjoyed the session even if some of the ‘models’ did not always agree with Catherine’s choices for them.

The next Meeting is on Wednesday 16th October at 9.30a.m. at The Labour Club when there will not be a speaker, but it is hoped that after the business side of the meeting members will talk individually about themselves to allow us to get to know each other even better than we do at present.   It could provide an ideal opportunity for anyone considering joining us to come along and find out more about who we are and what we do.  All ladies are welcome.