By Sheila:  The Glossopdale Women’s Institute entertained visitors from Chernobyl to a party this summer.  The families who played host to these children and their mothers also accompanied  them to the party  and some brought their own children.  Some W.I. members set up a play area with a variety of toys for the children, some of whom were as young as 2 years old.  The thirteen children made a beeline for the craft, the colouring books and the train sets.  They even played “pass-the-parcel” in exemplary fashion.

A buffet lunch was served at noon and the children were given attractive party gifts; their mothers were each given a W.I. tea towel as a memento of their visit.  The Chernobyl mothers said they were delighted with the welcome they had received.  Our local MP had a meeting upstairs and popped in to say hello to everyone at the celebration.

This branch meets every third Wednesday of the month at 9.30 in the Labour club.