By Margaret: At their last Meeting, Glossopdale Womens’ Institute were interested to hear Kate Dibble’s account of the life of Elizabeth Gaskell.  Born in London she was brought up by an aunt in Knutsford, a much loved lady who was the inspiration behind Miss Matti in Cranford.  At 22 she married the Rev William Gaskell, an apparently somewhat uneven alliance between a lively young girl and a more seriously minded older man.  But the marriage worked and lasted for her whole life.  It was after the death of her young son that William encouraged his despondent wife to pursue her interest in writing.  She published several novels; perhaps North and South is the best known today.  In it Elizabeth did, as in most of her work, try to show both sides of the argument, both the mill owner and his workforce together with a rural setting for her heroine’s early life.  Her publishing success introduced her to an incredibly wide circle of authors, scientists, including Charles Darwin, and politicians.  Her wide range of interests and contacts, together with raising her family and supporting her husband in his ministry has led Kate to define her as one of the first multi-taskers – a modern woman in our eyes.

The next Meeting of the Institute will be on Wednesday 17th December at 9.30a.m. at The Labour Club on Chapel Street.  As it is our last Meeting before Christmas, a social get-together will be followed by a celebratory lunch at the Golf Club.  The next ordinary Meeting will be at the same time and place on Wednesday 21st January, when all ladies are welcome.