By Margaret:  The speaker at the last meeting of Glossopdale Women’s Institute was Dave Carter.  Dave first became interested in First Aid when he was in the Scouts as a boy.  That led on to work with the St John’s Ambulance, where he was instrumental in increasing the number of ambulances available to the Society and where he learnt his trade as a First Aider at events like the Woodford Air Display and horse trials at Lyme Park, both events sadly no longer operating.  He worked as a teacher and was always sought after by his colleagues who were organising school trips; with Dave on board they knew there was always someone available who would cope calmly and efficiently with any emergencies that arose!

Since he retired Dave has made use of that life long interest and experience by becoming a Community Responder.  That means that he works with the North West Ambulance Service as the first point of call for any emergency calls.

He can normally reach the patient before an ambulance.  By means of simple checks on pulse and temperature and by observing breathing patterns and, above all, by listening to what the patient has to say about his condition and existing medication, he can assess the seriousness of the situation, start treatment and, if necessary, let the ambulance service know that priority needs to be given to that particular case.

He concluded by impressing on Members the importance of taking action ourselves if we become involved in an emergency either at home or in the street.  Making sure airways are clear and carrying out heart massage can literally make the difference between life and death for someone whose heart has stopped.  You cannot do harm (the worst is a broken rib and that’s curable while a stopped heart means death) and by giving time for the professionals to arrive and take over, your action can be vital.

Dave left us all thinking that, with his calm and considerate approach, we would feel in very good hands if we ever have need of his services or that of his colleagues and the paramedic officer who is now stationed in Glossop.

The next meeting of Glossopdale WI is on Wednesday 18th May at 9.30 am at the Labour Club on Chapel Street.  It will be our Annual General Meeting, so there will not be a speaker, but if any ladies want to know what has gone on over the last year and so get an indication of what the next year is likely to offer, they are very welcome to come along.