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By Margaret:  The speaker at the last meeting of Glossopdale Womens’ Institute was Pat Alker, who told Members about her trip to Uzbekistan.  The famed Silk Road from China to the West was, in fact, a series of journeys, with goods being sold and bought at various stages across central Asia.  What we now know is that Uzbekistan comprised  a number of independent khanates, some of the most significant of which were Tashkent (now the capital), Samarkand  (the main base of Tamerlaine, Bukhara, which at one stage was largely destroyed by Genghis Khan as his Mongols swept across Asia) and Khiva.  The latter is now basically preserved as a museum while the others are still thriving cities in the modern state.  We saw pictures of local people, the Uzbeks, dressed in black whilst the other major ethnic group in the country, the Tajiks, wear much more brightly coloured clothes.  Pat explained that she gives her various talks as part of her attempts to support a small school at Dukem in Ethiopia and her talk started and ended with pictures of the children in their recently acquired uniforms, smiling broadly as Pat and her husband paid one of their regular visits to the school.

The next regular meeting of Glossopdale WI will be at 9.30a.m. on Wednesday 17th September, at the Labour Club when Joan Newton will be introducing us to the art of pressing flowers.  All ladies are welcome to come and join us.

Poole_cavBy Sara Jayne:  Eleven members had a very enjoyable day out to Poole’s Cavern in Buxton on 9 July 2014.  We had an early start – 8:30am – to avoid the swarms of schoolchildren scheduled later in the day, but getting the first tour meant we had the cave to ourselves, which was a lovely experience.  Our guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining.  He told us many stories, including the story of the most beautiful thing Mary Queen of Scots had ever seen, and he also shared with us that the 1666 date someone had carved in one part of the wall of the cave was (according to a school party) the last time England won the World Cup.

After the cave tour,  we had tea and coffee to ensure that the cafe was up to snuff (it was), and then planned out the rest of our day.  Having emerged to a glorious day outside, one carload decided to hike up to Solomon’s Temple through the Woodland Trail; another carload decided to enjoy a fine lunch at the Old Hall Hotel; the last carload strolled through the Pavilion Gardens and greenhouse before enjoying a light lunch there.

All in all, a lovely day out, with many thanks to Monica for her fabulous arrangements – especially the sunshine!  You can see more photos from the trip in the photo album.