By Margaret:  At their last meeting, the Members of Glossopdale Womens’ institute metaphorically crossed the Atlantic with Gordon Greenwood to share his Amish Experience.   After a brief introduction about the origin of this Protestant sect, which originated in central Europe and was invited to America to help in the settlement of the state of Philadelphia, Mr Greenwood showed us slides of his visit to the most well known group of the sect in the county of Lancaster.   In many ways the Amish people reject the modern world – no electricity, no piped water and thus inevitably no television or internet.   This self imposed isolation, with uniform dress codes and a reluctance to be photographed, is being challenged  by the interest shown in the community by the modern world.   Visitors are now frequent with hotels provided by members of the Mennonite religion, of whom the Amish are a more puritanical off-shoot.   Nevertheless, the Amish appear to resist the pressure to change, continuing their rural life, using actual horse power, rather than the mechanised variety.   Visiting cars share the road with traditional carts and buggies.  Groups of about 25 families meet together  for their form of worship in each others’ homes and support each other in times of hardship or illness.   It was a fascinating talk by Gordon Greenwood and left members wondering how long such a different way of life could survive and whether dissatisfaction simmers beneath the apparent conformity.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 19th March at 9.30a.m. when members will again be experiencing a very different kind of life, that of a sports reporter for the BBC.   All ladies are welcome to come along.