By Margaret: Glossopdale Womens’ Institute had a busy week.  On Monday the Members hosted a party for Belarusian children, their Mums and one Dad who are staying in the town for the annual trip arranged by the Chernobyl Children’s Project U.K. to bring children still suffering as a result of the nuclear explosion in neighbouring Ukraine so that they can benefit from clean air and uncontaminated surroundings..  Thanks to the generosity of the Labour Club we were able to use their premises free of charge and the glorious weather meant that the garden really came into its own.  Balloons, squeakers, games and of course plenty of food meant that a good time was had by all – children, parents, local host families and W.I. Members.  As they left for their next appointment, each child  and his or her parent, were given a ‘goody bag’ of presents collected by the Members and augmented by soft toys generously donated by Tesco.

Only two days later, the Members were back together for their normal monthly meeting, when the speaker was Terry Evans, a long term volunteer at Manchester Dog’s Home.  He explained how well cared for the dogs are, with each having a spacious kennel and run, kept warm by underfloor heating.  He told us sad stories of mistreated dogs and heartwarming stories of how dogs and their new owners could form instant bonds with each other – one came back for a visit spectacularly cleaned and groomed, wearing a Harrods collar and lead and sitting on the seat of his new owners’ sports car.  If only it was so easy to find new homes for all the deserted or neglected dogs that pass through their hands.  Terry also told us about the work he does in association with the British Legion, to send parcels out to the troops in Afghanistan, including in each parcel ‘treats’ and ‘chews’ for the dogs who play such an important role in sniffing out hidden explosives.

Next month there is no formal meeting.  But all ladies are welcome to come to the next meeting on Wednesday 18th September, at 9.30a.m. at the Labour Club, when the speaker will be Catherine Jones talking about ‘Colour Me Beautiful’.