By Margaret:  The Committee of Glossopdale Womens’ Institute learnt only a few days before their last meeting that their speaker would be unable to come because of family problems.  They were, therefore, particularly grateful to Hannah Dodd, a local textile artist who stepped in at the last moment.  And second choice was decidedly not second best.  Members were fascinated to discover the range and variety of felt; the different wools that can be used, the techniques of wet felting and needle-felting, and the delightful products that Hannah produces from these basic materials.  Felt bags were not a surprise, but 3D pictures from felt, scarves and quirky birds were less expected.  At least two members signed up on the spot for Hannah’s next local workshop when they too will be trying to produce birds from these basic materials.

Glossopdale WI is the only local Institute that meets in the morning and ladies are always welcome to come and ‘give us a try’.  The next meeting will be on Wednesday 17th July at 9.30a.m. at the Labour Club.  The speaker will be Terry Evans who used to work at the Manchester Dogs Home, who will be talking about Dog Rescue.