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By Margaret: We held the last meeting of 2012 on the Wednesday before Christmas.  We had a lively discussion about the Resolutions agreed by the National Federation of Womens’ Institutes as the candidates for next year’s nationwide campaigning effort .  Support for local shops we could all agree on and already carry out on a regular basis, but concern about the provision of websites which encourage young people to self-harm or even consider suicide caused more discussion.  Experience of one member from her involvement with Childline brought to our attention the seriousness of the problem and resulted in an overwhelming vote in favour of that Resolution as the one we would recommend for nationwide support.

After that, however, the mood of the Meeting changed as we wracked our memories to identify names and tunes from a wide range of musicals in a light-hearted musical quiz.  So many tunes; so difficult to remember exactly which musical they came from or who the singer was.  After that we all transferred to the Windy Harbour Hotel for our Christmas lunch, duly adorned with paper hats from the crackers.  A thoroughly enjoyable meal was had by all, served by a friendly and helpful staff.  And then it was farewells and Christmas wishes to one and all as we went our separate ways to our own family celebrations.

We shall be meeting again at 9.30 on the morning of Wednesday 16th January, when Janis Birchall will be ‘Puffin around Northumberland’ – trains or birds?  Come and join us and find out for yourself.  All ladies are welcome.

By Margaret:  At the November meeting of Glossopdale Womens’ Institute, Sarah Parkin encouraged the Members to look forward to Christmas, by showing how to make Christmas wreaths from easily available materials.  Strips of bin bag liners can be used to wrap around a circular frame, foliage from evergreen trees in the garden can then be poked into the circle and then further decorated with flowers, fir cones, baubles or whatever is attractive and available.  The wreaths can be whatever size you fancy and used to hang on a door or stand on a table with a candle in the centre – and members were given a stern warning not to let the candle burn down sufficiently far to risk setting the foliage alight!  Another version on a board was more unusual, but equally attractive.

Members went away with plenty of ideas for their festive decorations.  It will be interesting to hear how successful we have been at the next meeting at 9.30 a.m.on 19th December, to be followed by a Christmas lunch.