By Diana: At our monthly meeting on 18th April, Michael Clark warned members of Glossopdale WI that he would expose myths and misconceptions about chocolate when he told them the true story of real chocolate. Real chocolate, he assured us, would not rot our teeth, add extra inches to the waistline or cause acne. On the contrary real chocolate was beneficial to health and protected bodies against infection.

He explained that Aztec warriors had taken bitter cocoa beans, called xokolatl, on long marches and into battle. The invading Spaniards had discovered how to sweeten the mixture and had set in motion a chocolate craze in Europe. Drinking chocolate became a focus for social networking and was seen by some as a bastion against alcoholism. It was not until 1845 that the first chocolate bar was produced by Fry’s.

Real chocolate (the healthy kind!), includes only 5 ingredients: 70% cocoa solids, 15% cocoa butter and 10% sugar: the remainder is vanilla and soya lecithin. Many chocolate bars however contain large proportions of sugar, vegetable fat and milk and are to be avoided. As Mr Clark said, we have now been warned!

Glossopdale WI meets on the third Wednesday of every month in the Labour Club: new members are always welcome. The next meeting is on May 16th.